Capstone Project Examples

Capstone Project Examples

The following are examples of previous honors capstone layperson summaries and abstracts. For full capstone projects contact your Program Director.

For examples from the University Honors Program, please visit thier website

Name Program Title Layperson Summary Abstract
Lea Arapovic Business Honors Program Exgeneity in the Slow Growth Model: A Macroeconomic Analysis of Variables Determining Agricultural Technological Progress Layperson Summary Abstract
Christian Eatman Psychology Honors Program Perfectionism Trait Anxiety and Performance Layperson Summary Abstract
Shea Hartley Political Science Honors Program The Effects of Employment and Income on Healthcare Coverage in a Pre and Post Affordable Care Act Era Layperson Summary Abstract
Rachel Minster Mathematics Honors Program Proving the Continuum Hypothesis Independent of the Axioms of Set Theory Layperson Summary Abstract
Bryanna Sierra

Biology Honors Program

Transforming Growth Factor Beta, Periostin and Transforming Growth Factor Induced Expression in Breast Cancer Layperson Summary Abstract
Angela Urbina Education Honors Program A Study of TPACK in Elementary Mathematics Layperson Summary Abstract


The above projects can be used to inspire topic ideas and serve as reference for what a project can look like, but rules of academic integrity do apply and they should in no way be copied or used in any way without the permission of the authors.