Incoming Freshmen

Joining An Honors Program

You can apply to the Honors College in the NinerScholars Portal.  All applicants will be considered for the University Honors Program in the Honors College, which is open to students in any major.  Additionally, applicants may be considered for the Arts + Architecture Honors Program (AAHP), open to any students with a major in the College of Arts + Architecture, or the Business Honors Program (BHP), open to any students with a major in the College of Business.

For information about applying to our disciplinary honors programs, please refer to our Honors Programs page. 

Scholarship Programs

The Honors College has two four-year merit scholarship programs available to entering freshmen. 

  • Albert Engineering Leadership Scholars Program - Albert Scholarships are available to incoming freshmen majoring in engineering and requires membership in the University Honors Program.
  • Martin Scholars Program - Martin Scholarships are available to incoming freshmen in any major who are Pell-eligible and have zero family expected contribution.  Students are required to join an honors program.

In addition to the two scholarship programs administered by the Honors College, there are two other scholarship programs open to entering freshmen interested in honors.

  • Belk Scholars Program in Business Analytics - Belk Scholarships are available to freshmen majoring in business interested in studying business analytics. Belk Scholars are required to be members of the Business Honors Program.
  • Levine Scholars Program - Levine Scholarships are available to freshmen in any major who have a demonstrated commitment to academic achievement and civic engagement. 

What if I have not decided on a major?

Not yet having decided on a major or wanting to change your major is not an impediment to joining an honors program. The University Honors Program is open to students in any major, including those who have not yet decided on a major. In addition, once you have decided on a major it is possible to join other honors programs later in your college career. 

What if I change my major?

Changing majors is very common and the fear of changing your major should not impede your decision to join an honors program. If you are a member of the University Honors Program, changing your major will not be of any concern as the program is open to students in all majors. If you are a member of the Business Honors Program or the Arts + Architecture Honors Program, as long as you change your major within that college, then you are still eligible to be a member of that honors program. If you decide to change majors to another college then you can look into becoming a member of either the college or department honors program.

What if I am coming in with AP credits or Early College credits?

Students entering UNC Charlotte with large numbers of AP credits or graduating from an Early College program are still considered incoming freshmen at UNC Charlotte even if their credits indicate that they are a sophomore or junior.

Will joining an honors program add additional course requirements?

Concern about additional courses should not hold you back from joining an honors program. Many students find it easy to fit honors courses into their schedules and often find that honors allows them to take interesting courses outside of their major.  Many honors courses fulfull general education or major requirements.

What if I want to join another honors program later?

Almost every major has an honors program that you can join later in your college career in addition to the University Honors Program.  We encourage students to participate in dual honors, which can enhance your academic experience at UNC Charlotte and provide an important credential for graduate school.