Continuing Students

Joining an Honors Program

Fewer than 60 Credit Hours

You can apply to the Honors College in the NinerScholars Portal.  All applicants will be considered for the University Honors Program in the Honors College, which is open to students with any major.  Additionally, applicants will be considered for the Arts + Architecture Honors Program (AAHP), open to any students with a major in the College of Arts + Architecture, or the Business Honors Program (BHP), open to any students with a major in the College of Business.

For more information about applying to our various programs, please refer to our Honors Programs page. 

More than 60 Credit Hours

Continuing students with 60 or more credit hours or have four or fewer semesters remaining at UNC Charlotte may be eligible to apply for one of the 29 departmental or college honors programs.

For a complete listing of honors programs and for more information about applying to each program, please refer to our Honors Programs page.

What if I am already in an honors society in my major?

Joining an honors society does not provide you with academic honors distinction upon graduation. Only completing an honors program will allow you to graduate with honors distinction noted on your transcript. Many students who are eligible to join honor societies within their major are also strong candidates for joining an honors program. 

What if I have more than one major?

If you have more than one major, you may have an opportunity to participate in dual honors. Participating in dual honors would allow you to graduate with honors in both of your majors. If your majors are in two different colleges or two different departments within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, then you can join an honors program for each of your majors. 

What if I already have a busy schedule?

Joining an honors program likely will not add a significant burden to your courseload. In many programs, students will complete their honors capstone in an honors section of a required course for the major. In other cases, joining an honors program may add a few additional classes, but honors program directors and academic advisors can help you to find the best way to fit them into your schedule. 

Are there any scholarships available to continuing honors students?

There are several scholarship opportunities available to continuing honors students. The Martin Scholars Program are available to continuing students of any major who are Pell-eligible and have zero family expected contribution.  Students are required to join an honors program. In addition, the Honors College offers several smaller scholarships that are open to any honors student. More information can be found on the Honors College Scholarships page.