Kristin Smoot

Kristin Smoot (Class of 2018)
Alumni Highlight: Kristin Smoot

Throughout her years at UNC Charlotte, Kristin had the opportunity to study abroad, was involved in the Biology Honors Program along with UHP, and incorporated research into her undergraduate experience at UNC Charlotte. In addition to her research involvement on campus, Kristin participated in a summer research internship at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. The extracurricular experiences she had, whether from time studying abroad to conducting research, shaped and cultivated not only her interests, but also influenced a large part of who she is as a student and individual today.  Kristin majored in Biological Sciences and Spanish.

Kristin is attending the University of Virginia Medical School, starting fall of 2018. Through various information sessions, workshops, and one-on-one meetings, Dr. Hanie provided tools to support her development as a pre-med student. Pre-health advising provided the most support during the application process, as Dr. Hanie utilized her extensive experience to help Kristin narrow her school selections, offered feedback on her application package, and created mock interview sessions in partnership with the Career Center.

If there is one piece of advice that Kristin would give to others coming into the pre-med track, she would say this: “Be open to pursuing different experiences that appeal to your interests – because that ultimately makes your story unique.”