Honors Education at UNC Charlotte 50th Anniversary

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Honors Education at UNC Charlotte 50th Anniversary

As part of the annual Alumni Weekend for the university, the Honors College was able to celebrate 50 years of honors education on April 20, 2018, by bringing together current students, faculty and alumni for our annual Awards Ceremony. Our many high-achieving students were recognized for their success in prestigious scholarships, such as the Fulbright Summer Institute and Truman Scholarship, while the Alumni Association and Honors College were able to award a few scholarships of their own.

For the ceremony, we were honored to bring back Dr. Kent Ellington, an alumnus of the university and the Honors College, to talk about his experience in honors and how the programs got him to where he is today. Dr. Ellington is now an orthopaedic surgeon at OrthoCarolina in Charlotte and also serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology at UNC Charlotte.

With the help of Ms. Karen James, our Associate Director for Scholars Advising, we were able to recognize 12 honors students who were endorsed by the university for seven different prestigious scholarships. “Ms. James experience was essential to helping me prepare for the application process of the Marshall Scholarship and crafting essays that helped to highlight my successes as a student” said Noah Vetter, who was endorsed by the university for this distinguished postgraduate opportunity.

The Honors College was also fortunate enough to award five additional scholarships to high achieving students, including the Delbridge E. Narron Scholarship and Travel awards, given to Kellyanna Atwell and Molly Unrath. As the Honors College continues to grow, we hope to have more students recognized for prestigious scholarships and fellowships, while encouraging more alumni to become engaged and give back to our students.