Meet Our Staff

Honors College staff support high achieving students across campus in a variety of roles. We provide advising for those planning to enter pre-health professions or who want to apply for prestigious awards and fellowships such as the Truman or the Goldwater. The “Honors Is” faculty development series offers workshops designed for faculty who work with high achieving students. Directors of honors programs and members of the Honors Faculty receive administrative support for honors events and programming, as does the Honors Council, for faculty governance of honors. We schedule interdisciplinary seminars and honors sections of general education courses for all honors students on campus, and administer the Application to Candidacy process required of all honors students for graduation with honors distinction. And, we coordinate the University Honors Program, the oldest and largest honors program on campus, open to students of any major.

We invite you to be in touch with us. In contacting the staff of the Honors College, we ask that you please not select more than one method of communication, or communicate the same question to more than one individual, as this slows our response time and creates confusion.  Thank you for your understanding.

Malin Pereira
Malin Pereira, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Honors College

Elizabeth Hanie
Elizabeth Hanie, D.V.M., M.S.
Pre-Health Professions Advisor

Karen James
Karen James, J.D., M.A.T.
Associate Director for Scholars Advising

Shannon Zurell-Carey
Shannon Zurell-Carey
Administrative Associate

Gretchen Bagley
Gretchen Bagley, NCCP
Administrative Assistant to Merit Scholars Programs and the University Honors Program

Christopher Cameron
Honors College Faculty Fellow

Reuben Howden
Reuben Howden, Ph.D.
Crown Scholars Program Faculty Fellow

Jeffrey Leak
Jeffrey Leak, Ph.D.
Martin Scholars Program Faculty Fellow

Alana Hadley
Alana Hadley
Head Intern/ Membership Intern