Honors Housing

Levine Hall

The newest residential building at UNC Charlotte, named in honor of Sandra and Leon Levine, Levine Hall opened in the fall of 2016. In addition to more than 400 students, Levine Hall houses students of the Levine Scholars Program and the Honors College, as well as administrative offices for the two programs. Student work-study areas, a public kitchen, community lounges, a game room, and adjacent seminar spaces that can be combined for large functions are some of the many features of this new building.

The third floor of Levine Hall is reserved solely for honors students, but honors students live on all five floors.  Living in Levine Hall facilitates interaction with your Honors Niners peers, assisting you to quickly build a strong community of friends when beginning your collegiate career at UNC Charlotte. Most likely, you will take courses, attend events, and explore the many possibilities Charlotte offers with them. Additionally, the Honors College Office is located in Levine Hall, placing you just steps away from valuable resources that will enable you to excel in your time at UNC Charlotte.


What are the Rooms like in Levine Hall?

Levine Hall Bedroom

UNC Charlotte has been very active in building residence halls that meet the needs of the modern student. No matter the arrangement, each room has at least one en-suite bathroom and a common living area. One of the most common arrangements is a four-person, four bedroom suite. In this set-up, each student will have their own bedroom and will share a bathroom and living room with their roommates. This arrangement can be seen below.

Four Bedroom Suite

Four Bedroom Suite

Levine Hall Living Room

Living Area


Other options include 1 Person/1 Bedroom, 2 Person/2 Bedroom, 3 Person/3 Bedroom, 4 Person/2 Bedroom, and 4 Person/4 Bedroom Apartment.

Apartment styles will feature two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a washer/dryer unit as pictured below.

Levine Hall Apartment

Four Bedroom Apartment

Levine Hall Kitchen

Apartment Kitchen

How can I apply to live in Levine Hall?

You can apply to live in Levine Hall and learn more about UNC Charlotte housing rates by visiting the Housing and Residence Life website

How can I get involved by living in Levine hall?

There are many ways to get involved in both Levine Hall and the Honors College. First, participating in activities held by Levine Hall RAs are a great way to meet your neighbors and fellow Honors Niners. Second, the Levine Hall Committee brings together members of Levine Hall, the Honors College, and Housing and Residence Life to discuss pertinent issues and develop programming for the residence hall. Finally, the Honors College holds many events in the administrative wing to bring together members of all honors programs. Events held in the past include a cookout and a cupcake decorating social!