Honors College Offices

Where are the Honors College Offices Located in Levine Hall?

Looking at the front of Levine Hall, the Honors College office is located underneath the archway on the left. If you are coming from the residential wing of Levine Hall, simply exit through the main entrance and walk across the breezeway to the administrative wing entrance. As a reminder, there is no access to the office from the residential wing above. The only access point is underneath the archway.

Office Hours:

9:00am-5:00pm Monday - Friday

Afterhours access is available to all current honors students and requires a 49er ID card.

Levine Hall Front Desk


What spaces are available for student use in Levine Hall?

Levine Hall has many excellent spaces for student use and all honors students have 24/7 access to the building using their 49er ID card. The Honors Community Office (Levine 194) is located at the entrance of the administrative wing. Inside, you will find computers for student use, free printers (We kindly ask that you limit printing to 100 pages per semester), and two group meeting rooms that offer whiteboards and wall-mounted computer monitors. Please be aware that you must swipe into the Honors Community Office using your 49er ID card.

Located at the far end of the administrative wing are two classrooms (183 and 184), that can also be combined for larger events. Many honors courses are taught in these classrooms, making these courses extremely convenient for honors students living in Levine Hall. Furthermore, many honors events, both academic and social, are held in these spaces. These rooms can be booked for personal or student organization use. If you are in need of the two rooms combined, please let the Honors College staff know so that we can remove the dividing wall.

The second floor of the Honors College office features an open study space, a group meeting room, and a conference room (reserved through Shannon Zurell-Carey). The group meeting room is also host to an honors book exchange. The policy is take a book, leave a book. If you’re lucky, you just might find some textbooks!

How do I reserve a study room in Levine Hall and what do they look like?

Reserving a study room in Levine Hall is quick and easy! All you have to do is click here to select the day, time, and room you would like to use. These rooms make for excellent group meeting spots and a peaceful, quiet study space away from the library during peak hours.

UNC Charlotte Honors College Booking System: uncchonorscollege.skedda.com

*Please note when reserving space that the Honors College and Levine Scholars staff do have priority for the space, we will try to accomodate any student reservations and will alert you of any changes. 

Levine Hall Community Office

Honors Community Office

The Honors Community Office is open to all honors students 24/7. Here you will find three computer workstations, free to use printers, and encouragement from your peers. As a reminder, you will need to swipe your 49er to gain access to the Honors Community Office.

This room is not reservable. 

Small Conference Rooms 195/196

These rooms are located in the Honors Community Office and have space for four people. They feature whiteboards and wall-mounted computer monitors that allow you to collaborate with your teammates. As a reminder, you will need to swipe your 49er to gain access to the Honors Community Office. 

These rooms are reservable.

Levine Hall Small Conference Rooms

Levine Hall 183

Classrooms 183/184

Throughout a typical week, the Levine Hall classrooms serve multiple purposes. In addition to holding honors courses, they also hold honors related events and meetings. Whether you are looking to hold a large group meeting, present your research, or any number of other things, these rooms are here for your use.

These rooms are reservable. If you are in need of the two rooms combined, please contact the Honors College staff so that we can remove the dividing wall.

Open Study Room (297)

This room is open to honors students for individual study at any time. The tables can also be combined for use as a group study room. In addition, the book exchange program is located in this room.

This room is not reservable. 

Levine Hall Community Study Room

Levine Hall Conference Room 296

Conference Room 296

Seating a max of 12, the Conference Room 296 is available for formal presentations and large groups. A projector and teleconferencing capabilities equate to a professional location to conduct Skype interviews for internships and scholarships.  

This room is reservable through Shannon Zurell-Carey, in the Honors College.



How do I use the Honors Community Office printers?


The Honors College offers free black and white printing to all honors students, with a limit of 100 pages per semester. Printers are located in the Honors Community Office and can be used from the computer workstations or by pluging into personal laptops. In order to provide printing for everyone, please limit printing to 100 pages per semester

The Honors College also offers poster printing to its students for presentation at research conferences or use for classes and organizations. 

General Expectations for using Levine Hall


We take great pride in our Levine Hall offices. Amenities in the office were carefully thought out to provide the best resources for honors students. However, these resources can only be provided if the office is maintained and properly cared for. When using the office, please make sure to clean up all trash and return the room to its prior condition. The classrooms (183 and 184) have pictures by the door demonstrating how the rooms should be left. As a deterrent to inappropriate behavior, there are cameras monitoring Levine Hall. Treating the office with respect, like you would your personal belongings, will ensure the longevity of the Honors College’s resources.

If I have a question, who in Levine Hall can help?

The Honors College has trained several knowledgeable interns who are prepared to answer your questions at the front desk. Furthermore, they are excellent resources to draw from regarding the honors experience, courses to take, and getting more involved in honors.

Have you achieved something you would like to share with your fellow Honors Niners?

Levine Hall Display Case


The Honors College is always looking to showcase the impressive accomplishments of its members. Research, internships, study abroad experiences, and awards all make for remarkable examples of the abilities of UNC Charlotte’s honors students. An opportunity also exists to be featured on the Honors College website. To submit your achievement or that of another honors student, fill out this form.