Alexandria Sands

Alexandria Sands
Alexandria Sands Writes for the Niner Times
Communication Studies Honors Program (Class of 2019)

Alexandria is junior member of the Communication Studies Honors Program. She is majoring in Communication with a concentration in Mass Media and minoring in Journalism and Film Studies. Entering college, Alexandria knew that she wanted to write for the Niner Times. In August 2015, she began writing for the paper as an intern. Within the next year, she was the assistant news editor. In January 2017, she took on the role of news editor. Since then, Alexandria has improved her writing and computer skills. Niner Times uses programs such as inDesign and Photoshop to make the paper. She says, β€œIt has been fascinating getting a close look at how the university is growing. The Niner Times has given me so many opportunities to talk to the great students that make up Niner Nation. I've covered the peaceful protests that came out of the travel ban and the Keith Lamont Scott shooting. I got to follow the development of the Peace Haven and the work that students did to request that room from administration.”

Alexandria has only been in the honors program for a semester but says it feels great being a part of a tight-knit group in such a large university. She feels honored to be with these students who are so driven, intelligent and talented. This semester, she is taking her first honors course "Consuming Southern Foodways" with Dr. Ashli Stokes. She has enjoyed taking something outside of her typical major to explore something new and different. In the course, they have visited different places around Charlotte to study food and its relationship to the region and race/class/gender dynamics. Getting out of the classroom to research this way has been unique to her college experience. She also finds it great to be in an honors course where everyone is truly interested in learning rather than just earning a grade. 

Alexandria says, β€œI'm hoping that my experience with the Niner Times will help me land a job in the journalism field after graduation. This past summer, I interned at The Gaston Gazette. That experience helped me grow as a writer and learn even more about the field.”