Alek Vann

Alek Vann
Alumni Highlight: Alek Vann

Alek Vann was a Biology major, Public Health minor on the Pre-Dental track. His various experiences on campus as a student, peer, mentor, and other roles helped him understand the importance of managing time and making connections. Alek thinks his experiences allow him to understand that even though working hard may be difficult and tiring, it can open up a lot of opportunities and experiences that will be beneficial in the future.

Pre Health advising with Dr. Hanie helped Alek tremendously; she is extremely knowledgeable about all areas of Pre-Health. "She always gives you the information you ask for and then some." Dr. Hanie has told him about various volunteering opportunities, explained entrance exam studying, and other valuable topics.

For incoming students his advice would be to start working hard from Day 1. Being Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Pre-Vet, etc., is not an easy thing to do. Having to shadow, volunteer, work, and still do well in school can be a lot to manage coming straight out of high school. Learning to manage your time well and making connections with professors, university staff, and peers he believes are the best skills a student can work on daily. Be patient and understand that every day counts toward being able to accomplish goals and work in a career that you have a passion for.