Welcome from the Executive Director

Welcome to the Honors College’s website! I am glad you have found us.

We just celebrated this year the 50th anniversary of honors education at UNC Charlotte. For a young institution such as ours, that means for most of its history UNC Charlotte has been committed to educating and supporting high-achieving students. Like UNC Charlotte, we are an urban research institution. This means that honors – as we do it here – connects to the Charlotte community and focuses on undergraduate research.

Many students enter honors as first semester freshmen and continue through all four years at the University. The oldest and largest multi-year program, the University Honors Program, now 35 years old, serves as the core honors program available to any major. Students often enter disciplinary honors programs as well – with 28 to choose from, honors is available to almost every major on campus! This makes honors accessible to transfer students and those students who become interested in honors and undergraduate research while at the University.

I hope it is apparent from our website that honors at UNC Charlotte is all about creating a community of like-minded high achievers. Students come together in the honors residence Levine Hall, in our community office space, in seminars about Big Ideas, and for social events and workshops on everything from career development, graduate school, winning competitive national and international fellowships, study abroad and more. Call our reception desk any time (704.687.7197) to speak to one of our Honors College interns who can tell you about the honors experience that they and their friends are having here.

Like UNC Charlotte, honors here is growing! We have committed and talented faculty and staff, some of whom have been with the Honors College 20 years and others who have just joined the team. This keeps continuity of key traditions and brings fresh eyes and new opportunities.


Dr. Malin Pereira, Executive Director
Professor of English