How to Apply

**As a result of the impact of COVID-19, the dates for applying to the Honors College for the 2021-2022 academic year have been altered.  The deadlines are now as follows:

  • Early Action Deadline (for admission to the University): November 1, 2020

  • Priority Decision Deadline for Honors College: December 15, 2020

  • Priority Decision Notifications: February 2021


Using the Niner Scholars portal, apply to the "Honors College Application" beginning mid-October. You will be automatically sorted by your declared major for consideration in either the Business Honors Program (BHP), the Arts+Architecture Honors Program (AAHP), or the University Honors Program (UHP)Those students who are not accepted to BHP or AAHP would then be considered for admission to UHP. Students may be a member in only one of these honors programs.

If you miss the Priority Decision deadline, you may apply to the Honors College by May 1st (applying for admission to the University by Feb 1st), and you will be considered as space is available (translation: if we haven’t filled all our spots with the Priority Decision pool, we will review your application).

Anyone completing an application for the Albert Engineering Leadership Scholarship or the Martin Scholarship will automatically be considered for UHP and DO NOT need to complete the Honors College application, too.

You will need to have the following materials prepared in order to apply:

1. List of activities

2. An original essay

Please make sure to specifically address the prompt provided, or your application will not be considered.

3. Two academic letters of recommendation

An academic reference is defined as a current or former teacher, or professor, who was your instructor for at least one academic course.

Choose an instructor who can speak about your academic achievements, your level of motivation and work ethic in their class, and your potential for continued success in higher education.

Family members, friends, current/former employers or co-workers, and leaders of a faith-based or community organization should not be used as academic references.

A teacher who can address your recent performance is necessary, and it is helpful to choose a teacher who could also provide information about your character, personality, and/or leadership skills. A teacher you have taken classes with over several years can provide valuable information about your growth over time and your ability to contribute to the honors community.

Give your recommenders plenty of lead time. Teachers have busy schedules and writing detailed letters of recommendation is a time-consuming process. Be sure to remind your recommenders well before the deadline.

Your letters of recommendation must be received by the application deadline of December 15 (early decision) or else your entire application will roll over into the "As Space Is Available" pool and not be reviewed until March 1.


Your recommenders will receive an email that includes instructions for how to submit their recommendation letters.

You should follow up with your recommenders to remind them to submit letters prior to the application deadline. If references are not in on time, the application will not be reviewed in the prioirty pool.

Notifications for the early decision deadline will be in February; notifications for the “as space is available” decision deadline will be May.