Honors College Milestones

1968:     Four discipline-based honors programs established in the departments of Chemistry, Foreign Languages, Political Science and History.

1980:     Faculty Council appointed ad-hoc committee for the study and planning of honors.

1981:     Guidelines and policies for honors programs approved by Faculty Council. The University Honors Council established as a standing committee of the faculty.

1983:     Interdisciplinary Honors established as a unit within the Division of Academic Affairs. Dr. Denise Park, Associate Professor of Psychology, serves as program coordinator. Interdisciplinary Honors enrolls 31 students. Total of five honors programs on campus.

1991:     Interdisciplinary Honors Program name changed to University Honors Program and moved to the College of Arts and Sciences. Director Dr. Fowler Bush, Professor of Chemistry. The University Honors Program’s first office is in the basement of Maple Hall (a residence hall). Honors in Residence created for third floor of Witherspoon Hall, which remains the honors residence hall for 25 years. The University Honors Program enrolls 150 students.

1992:     Provost and Vice Chancellor Phil Dubois appoints Dr. Al Maisto, Professor of Psychology, as Director of the University Honors Program.

1993:     The University Honors Program relocates to Macy Hall.

2003:     The Honors College established within the College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Maisto appointed Associate Dean of the Honors College and Ms. Connie Rothwell appointed Director of the University Honors Program. The Honors College begins oversight of a wide array of honors programs, including the University Honors Program, discipline-based department honors programs, Business Honors in the College of Business, Teaching Fellows Program, Scholarships for Merit, Honors in Residence, Honors Education Abroad, and some interdisciplinary honor societies. Total of 14 Honors Programs. The University Honors Program enrolls 201 students and other honors programs enroll 237, for a total of 438 honors students.

2004:     Pre-Health Professions Advising established in the Honors College and Dr. Liz Hanie hired as advisor. The Honors College relocates to Cato Hall.

2005:     The Honors College begins reporting to the Office of the Provost. Pre-health advising: 240 students.

2006:     The Honors College begins reporting to the Associate Provost for Academic Services, Dr. Cynthia Wolf Johnson.

2010:     The Honors College relocated to Bonnie E. Cone University Center. Pre-health advising: 1,455 students.

2011:     Additional honors programs developed, totaling 21, enrolling more than 532 students. First Goldwater Scholarship in the history of UNC Charlotte awarded to honors student Casey Rimland. A Self Study of the Honors College begins, completed in 2012. Principal finding: Grow honors.

2012:     Dr. Malin Pereira, Professor of English, appointed Executive Director of the Honors College. Redesign of Honors Education begins.

2013:     Honors governance structure redesigned under re-named Honors Council, consisting of ten representatives across all the academic colleges selected from Honors Faculty and one honors student. Ms. Karen James hired from Morehead-Cain Foundation in Chapel Hill as Honors College Advisor.

2014:     Dr. Jennifer Warner of Biological Sciences appointed Director of the University Honors Program. Final cohort of Teaching Fellows graduates; program ends (begins again in 2018). Planning for 38.5 million dollar Levine Hall, new honors and merit scholars residence hall and administrative offices, begins.

2015:     Mission of Honors College revised to include serving all high-achieving students on campus. First full-ride merit scholarship in the Honors College launched, the Crown Scholars Program, with students as members of the University Honors Program. Total of 25 honors programs on campus. Pre-health advising: 2,400 students. Ms. James’ position revised to Associate Director for Scholars Advising, expanding services for students seeking competitive fellowships advising.

2016:     The Honors College assumes responsibility for Albert Engineering Leadership Scholars Program in partnership with College of Engineering, with students as members of the University Honors Program. Goldwater Scholarships – the second and third for the University – awarded to honors students Mary Tess Overton and Nemah-Allah Saleh. The Honors College reports to new Office of Undergraduate Education.

2017:     Levine Hall opens in January. Martin Scholars Program launched, with students as members of any honors program on campus. UNC Charlotte’s first Rhodes finalist, honors student Nemah-Allah Saleh, invited to interview.

2018:     Celebration of 50 years of Honors Education at UNC Charlotte! Honors staff restructured and expanded. Ms. Denise Lynch hired to coordinate honors student programming for University Honors Program and all Honors College students served. New position, Associate Director of Curriculum, created to oversee academic side of University Honors Program and support disciplinary honors programs. Total of 29 honors programs on campus, a 39% increase since 2011. With 608 honors students and 158 merit scholars now served by the Honors College, capacity in honors opportunities for high-achieving undergraduates has grown 46% since 2011.