About Us

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We provide students robust experiences crossing academic, cultural, community, and personal contexts, including undergraduate research, engagement with cultural variety, and the creation of community within the University and across the Charlotte metropolitan area.  We support students as they become agents of their own vision, developing intellectually, culturally, and civically.


The Honors College at UNC Charlotte will be a  top choice destination for high-achieving undergraduates interested in holistic development within the rich environment of North Carolina‚Äôs urban research university.


Holistic Development:  Fostering the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of students.
Engagement with Charlotte:  Connecting students with intellectual, community, professional, and cultural partners so that an engaged student becomes an engaged citizen. 
Diversity and Inclusion:  Understanding, accepting, and valuing differences among people. 
Student Empowerment:  Encouraging students to engage fully in their college experience, including taking risks and embracing challenge through their academic, professional, and/or artistic plans.


In all aspects of the Honors College experience, faculty, staff, and students embody:

  • Intellectual curiosity and growth
  • Collaboration and mutual investment in excellence as scholar citizens
  • Diversity, inclusion, and equitable access
  • Integrity and trustworthiness
  • Treating all with dignity and respect


Faculty Recommendation Form for individual honors exceptions due to COVID-19