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The Honors College is the front door to honors at UNC Charlotte and houses the University Honors Program (UHP), the largest honors program on campus, open to all majors.  As the academic and support hub for high-achieving undergraduate students, the Honors College offers many benefits and opportunities.  The honors experience includes dedicated communities of intellectually-driven students, professional development events, and forward-thinking, hands-on involvement in the City of Charlotte.

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Joining an Honors Program

UNC Charlotte has many honors programs.  To find out more about the programs available to you, follow the links below based on your current status: New Student (entering Freshmen), Transfer Student (student transferring from another college or university), or Continuing Student (current UNC Charlotte student).

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Advising Services

As the support hub for all high-achieving students at UNC Charlotte, the Honors College offers advising services for students interested in health professions and students interested in applying for nationally competitive scholarships and opportunities. 

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