Conference Travel Support for Honors Students

The Honors College understands the invaluable experience that students receive from attending academic conferences and is proud to support conference-related expenses. Expenses that may be reimbursed include: airfare up to $300.00, hotel up to $400.00, and registration fees up to $100.00.  Upon your return you will need to provide to Shannon Zurell-Carey: hotel receipt, airfare receipt, registration receipt, and a 1–2 paragraph about what this experience meant to you.

To be eligible for funding, honor students must be presenting research at a conference and stay for a minimum of two nights.  In addition, students are required to forward an email to the Honors College from the conference organizers, confirming that they are presenting. Students are also asked to submit their presentation to the Honors College, in paper or poster format. These items, along with your 800#, and a budget for the conference, must be sent at least 2 weeks prior to the conference to Shannon Zurell-Carey at, so that she can file the required travel authorization.