Pre-Health Professions Faculty Evaluation Committee

What is the Faculty Committee Letter of Evaluation?

Professional schools will require letters of reference as part of the primary or secondary application process. The professional schools will specify your options for letters of reference; typically, the options will be to:

  1. submit individual letters of reference, mailed by the letter-writers directly to the professional school (or application service)


  1. submit a committee or ‘composite' letter of evaluation from the college or university where you obtained your degree. The committee letter is currently the preferred option at most medical and dental schools.

Who is eligible for a committee letter?

Committee letters are available to qualified undergraduate and postbacc students applying to medical, dental, veterinary, and optometry schools.  Students must meet minimum qualifications for science/math coursework completed at UNC Charlotte, and have competitive GPAs and admissions test scores.   The committee's evaluation is an academic evaluation, based on quality, rigor, and consistency of coursework, and quality of admissions test scores.

How do I apply for a committee letter?

The process begins with scheduling an appointment with the Pre-Health Advisor to review your credentials.   You may not schedule the appointment until your admissions test scores are available.