In the Honors College, our advising aims to help students find and pursue their passions. We work to guide students in forming and pursuing their goals. This process begins with our talking with you to get your whole story. As our relationship with each student develops, we mirror back to students what we are learning about them and promote review and reflection as strategies for students to recognize and understand their own stories. In all of our advising, we encourage student ownership and responsibility for outcomes.

A fundamental component of our advising is to provide relevant information and resources to students. Part of that involves helping students make connections - whether academic, social, professional or personal. Our advisors are models of professionalism in their own careers, helping students think beyond college graduation toward shaping a career trajectory, which may include graduate school.

Of course, our advisors help students understand requirements and standards for pre-health professions, the University Honors Program, and prestigious awards and fellowships. We see these, however, in a holistic context. That’s the honors difference.