University Honors Program (UHP)

The University Honors Program (UHP) is designed to support students in the classroom, throughout campus, in the community, and beyond. We are an interdisciplinary, multi-year program that welcomes students from any major. UHP is the oldest and largest honors program at UNC Charlotte and is composed of students with similar motivations and goals who represent diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and interests. Our students share an interest in challenging themselves in the pursuit of an enriched, well-rounded education.

The program emphasizes scholarship, leadership, and community engagement on campus, in the greater Charlotte region, and beyond.  Honors courses stress collaborative and reflective practices with the goal of broadening perspectives and promoting open discussion as local and global issues are considered. We seek to inspire students to be intellectually curious, creative problem solvers, and envoys of diverse and inclusive thinking in and outside of the classroom. Our students develop as scholar-citizens during their time at UNC Charlotte and are prepared to act as change-agents in their communities.

 Visit the UHP website for more information.