College Honors Programs

College of Arts + Architecture Honors Program

Program Director:  Dr. Jae Emerling

With the founding of the College of Arts and Architecture (CoA+A), an Arts and Architecture Honors Program (AAHP) was established to provide an enriched academic and interdisciplinary experience for the college’s most talented and self-motivated undergraduate students.  The AAHP is one of the primary initiatives that formally brings students together from all units of the CoA+A in coursework and extracurricular activities.  The AAHP furthers the CoA+A’s goals of providing creative leadership for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and greater Charlotte communities by encouraging and developing the full potential of its outstanding students. AAHP students take an active and engaged role in their own education within an interdisciplinary curriculum built on the shared nature of the built, visual, and performing arts. AAHP students not only explore connections between their various artistic disciplines, but also between the arts and the community.  Our aim is to foster a unique educational experience for our students, one that culminates in them understanding the aesthetic, social, and ethical reasons why artistic creation of all kinds is essential to the human endeavor.  Our program challenges its students and offers them the opportunity to engage in the most innovative undergraduate creative research in the UNC system.

Business Honors Program in the Belk College of Business

Program Director:  Dr. Ted Amato

Members of the BHP participate in stimulating coursework, leadership activities, career-building exercises, and community service endeavors designed to promote marketability after graduation. BHP students typically enroll in two Honors courses per year for the duration of their college career. Classes are kept small to facilitate faculty and student interaction. BHP members also have access to a specialized Academic Advisor who ensures correct progression of the degree. Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive Honors commendation on their academic transcript.

College of Computing and Informatics Honors Program

Program Director:  Dr. Jessica Schlueter

The goal of the Honors Program in Computing and Informatics is to identify creative, imaginative, and exceptional undergraduate CCI students and develop their potential through encouragement, opportunity, and recognition. By providing such students with the benefits of smaller classes and a more challenging curriculum, CCI hopes to impact retention of majors, entry into our graduate programs, and have talented undergraduate students contribute to and participate in faculty research.

College of Education Honors Program

Program Director:  Dr. Amy Good

The purpose of the Honors in Education Program is to identify exceptional undergraduate students who, through uncompromising probity and intellectual vigor, deserve formal recognition of their extraordinary academic performance, skills, and dispositions.  While many education students exhibit noteworthy behavior and achieve high academic standing, only honors students receive “Honors in Education” recognition recorded on their academic transcript. 

College of Engineering

Program Director:  Dr. Ron Smelser

University Honors Program in the Honors College

Program Director:  Dr. Jennifer Warner

The University Honors Program (UHP) is designed to support students in the classroom, throughout campus, in the community, and beyond. We are an interdisciplinary, multi-year program that welcomes students from any major. UHP is the oldest and largest honors program at UNC Charlotte and is composed of students with similar motivations and goals who represent diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and interests. Our students share an interest in challenging themselves in the pursuit of an enriched, well-rounded education.

The program emphasizes scholarship, leadership, and community engagement on campus, in the greater Charlotte region, and beyond.  Honors courses stress collaborative and reflective practices with the goal of broadening perspectives and promoting open discussion as local and global issues are considered. We seek to inspire students to be intellectually curious, creative problem solvers, and envoys of diverse and inclusive thinking in and outside of the classroom. Our students develop as scholar-citizens during their time at UNC Charlotte and are prepared to act as change-agents in their communities.