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 The Honors College at UNC Charlotte is the hub for all honors experiences on campus. High achieving students can connect to honors programs offered by colleges and departments, or to the University Honors Program in the Honors College. We offer interdisciplinary honors seminars, honors sections of general education courses, advising for pre-health professions and prestigious awards and fellowships, and honors activities such as Popcorn and Professors. Whether it’s leadership, honors distinction, undergraduate research, preparation for achievement, merit scholarships, or connections you’re looking for—in the Honors College, it all adds up to the honors experience.

Scholarship: Honors programs are the place for successful student-scholars on campus; the Honors College provides unique courses and scholarship opportunities for you.

Caroline Fourrier
"The Honors Program for me is all about SCHOLARSHIP.  You get to be in class with a small number of people and getting pushed to work our hardest is really important to me."

Connection: Honors programs connect you with professors to work one-on-one, with other students in smaller classes, and with Honors College advising staff, creating a network of supportive relationships and community during your college career.

Rebecca Bishop
"Honors for me is all about CONNECTION because you're in a small classroom environment with the same kind of students pushing for the same goals."

Distinction: Students graduating with Honors have the achievement noted on their transcript, a mark of excellence and rigor that makes you stand out from the crowd for your career or graduate school.

Lea Arapovic
"I chose DISTINCTION because being a Business Honors student makes me stand out on paper and in an interview."

Preparation: Honors programs equip high achieving students with well-rounded interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, great preparation for winning awards, gaining fellowships to graduate school, and professional development for the job search.

Nadia Clifton
"For me the Honors Experience is about PREPARATION.  I took a reading in slow motion class and that prepared me for the conferences that I have presented at and for graduat eschool."


Research: Honors at our state’s only urban research university places you into exciting research environments in your major, working with professors and with our partners in the community.

Krista Carmichael
"Honors for me is all about RESEARCH and preparing me for a future in science."


Leadership: Students of all types develop their unique leadership style in Honors, whether through research, Honors programming, faculty mentoring, or community engagement. 

Chris Brock
"For me, the Honors College Experience is about LEADERSHIP because the best way to find out who you are is to see who you are amongst your greatest peers."


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